APRIL 29, 1999

News Bit from John Smedley:

Here's a summary of what was done in the last 2 days

  1. We did a major hardware upgrade to our primary router here in San Diego.
  2. We worked with CERFnet to do a router upgrade to their facility here in San Diego.
  3. We moved Karana over to CERFnet.
  4. We brought up Rodcet Nife.

I think you will find now that the packet loss should be basically gone... at least on our end. We were definetely causing some of the loss before (only when we hit major numbers) but now things are very, very clean running and that is with 23,582 people on just as I write this (a new record).

Does this mean that EVERYONE'S Packet Loss is gone? Absolutely not. BUT, I did some surveys in most of the worlds and about 750f the people told me their Packet Loss was great. If you are having problems now, do a traceroute to chat.everquest.com and send it to the email address traceroute@verant.com and we will take a look. We take our customers connections very seriously, and if a whole lot of people on one network are having a problem we will do our best to look into it. It doesn't mean we can always get the reaction we want (some networks are just plain bad) but many times we can help find a legitimate problem and help correct it.