APRIL 6, 1999

News Bit from John Smedley:

Music works on all sound cards. If you still aren't getting music, double check to make sure that music is turned on in-game. In addition, you may not have correct drivers, and/or you may not have it set properly. In any case, either call our tech support or go to the tech support area in chat. Please be advised that music DOES have a performance impact on the game, although it is a small one.

Frame Rate Speedup - Our resident graphics genius sped up the game a fair amount. Those of you in areas like Greater Faydark should see some real improvements.

Corpse Bug - We've been tracking a nasty little bug that would make corpses disappear. I'm sure many of you know firsthand about this one. We finally nailed it and it should be safe to die again. Grin

There's a whole bunch of other stuff that has been fixed as well and is listed in the patch message.

Just as an FYI we did find a server-side bug that's been fixed and we will probably have to down the servers one at a time to update since this bug is one that really needs to be fixed.

One final Item: Yes, glide on banshee's is coming back. It should be in later this week.

- John Smedley, President and CEO: Verant Interactive, Inc.